thinking again about "minimal" ミニマル再考~LED展示会へ向けて~

In this case, I was ordered to make something interesting for LED exhibition.
'coz Traxon have equipments, but they don't have any contents.
LED is interesting, it is not just a display but also lighting equipments.
When we use liquid crystal display, movie is just a is just in the box.but when we use LED, we have a lot of freedom of setting. we don't need to set just square.
maybe,someone use LED as curtain ,maybe others use as long pole.maybe, someone use as super wide belt.
everything is depends on our imagination.

this year, I meet 2 new technology. one is LED and the other is 3D theater.
this 2 technology is absolutely different, but they reminded me of a same title. It was "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

my first chance to experience 3D theater was last winter.
it was the Sony's winter exhibition at Ginza Sony plaza.At that time, I saw the Asahiyama's 3D zoological garden.and I thought, maybe It is more beautiful than the real.
Our eyes don't have a zooming if I go to that zoological garden,I can see only small animals.But when I see them at 3D theater,we can see more details.
of course,it's just a video.we know it's not real.but when I first experience 3D theater,I was about to touch them.It was just a momentary confusion of my brain.but I thought, it interesting and at the same time, I felt a slight fear.'coz when companies use these technologies more and more effectively, we'll be more easy to brainwashed.
They're too real and there is no room to imagination.

when I was young, I played with LEGO blocks.
it very rough so we have to use our own imagination.
look at the pictures's a very good example.

next weekend,I'll work with Traxon at big site, Tokyo.

the left upper one is imaged as plane,but maybe other child think it as bird.LEGO is very rough but thanks to this roughness, we can use our imagination freely.there is a lot of possibility and a lot of answer.

happen to do, my recent VJ is becoming more and more minimal.
a few years ago, I tried to fill up all the screens with a lot of colors.
but since last year, I tried to use masking effect more effectively and thinking a lot of the practical use of blanks.
these days, I think blank is not mean" no visuals".and I think we don't need too realistic visuals for club VJ.
club is not a theater. there is a lot of style how to spend time at club party.I think,there must be a spiritual room for peoples.

then, plz look at this video, it's testing of Traxon's MESH RGB

thanks to the roughness of LED mesh, every visuals become very minimal.
of course, in a close year, LED will be more this is just today's LED's characteristic.
but I think it looks very cool and interesting.
so I thought it's chance to make this work more interesting.
of course it's a commercial exhibition.
but I can add my own concept and message.

I'm thinking to make some short story.but it'll be like a dot picture.
like a shadow of LEGO block, each person can image different story.
maybe, some person think it just a continuous of lights.
maybe others think it as dancing people. maybe others think as landscapes of night city,
I don't care what will you image.
the important message is each person have each own personal reality.I think real is an image. it's fixed and it's made by you.the shape of real is always changing by the observer.
I make a visuals,and place and chance . But it's not finished. to complete my works, I need the help of your imagination.yap. the true artist is "you".

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