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VJyou His work is always strongly connected with “memory”. Memory is an important elements to identify who am I . But at the same time, i...
11:56 PM

Testing LED lights

While the working for the visual direction, I thought I need to learn more about lighting. so I started to learning lighting. yes, I wan...
8:04 AM


---Resolume--- ・v3.2(Quartz 対応)のリリースは3ヵ月後 ・レイヤー数無制限はResolumeだけ ・mac対応はv3からだが、既にユーザーの3割以上がmacユーザーらしい ・VSTエフェクトまでサポートしているVJソフトは今のところResol...
11:08 PM
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