Happy new year 2013

At the end of 2012, I had a fever for a few days.
while these days, I thought on the sickbed.
“How many years will I live?”
If there are no trouble, probably I will live around 30-50 years.
and I will keep working for more than 30 years.
But probably, my peak will be only last 10 years. after that, I will work less.
so,now I’ m on the turning point.
I spent almost 10 years for this industry – show business.
and I will devote another 10 years for this industry, then I will be half retired and probably I will work for something organization.
“still I don’t know WHAT I AM.But I know this moment is true.”
I decided to devote rest of my life for producing such am moment.
Happy new year 2013.

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