(VJ)finished VJ seminar #19@applestore shibuya

explained about AKAI's new MIDI controller APC-40 and what's new on GrandVJ ver1.2

guest Bart who is a programmer of Resolume

yesterday, we expalined these day's VJ topics.
after module8 v2.6. GrandVJv1.2,Resolumev3.2,they support Quartz Composer.
I think it'll make a new trend of VJ scene.
for example, in GrandVJ ,we can add not only Quartz-visuals but also our self-made Quartz effects.
so,we can use our self-made plugins.
like a WAVES or UAD on DTM scene,Quartz will be more important position on VJ scene.
and thanks to today's high-spec laptop, we can mix easily with QT and Flash and Quartz.
a few years ago, we had to chose "generate" or " QT".
but today, we can operate both at the same time.
and thanks to today's clever MIDI controller.we are not bound by mouse.
especially, today's multi-layer software is designed to user of MIDI instruments.

I think,programming part is a shadow of user.
every program is reflected by the programmer's philosophy.
so,I think, playing VJ will be like a ensemble with one's own shadows.

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