Recruiting the motion graphic artist

Hi all. I'm recruiting the good motion graphic artist living around the Kuala Lumpur.If there is someone who has interests about making stage 3DCG, company promotion video, music video, lyric video,Youtuber video,projection mapping, and something like this,please feel free to send me the message.

Living in the Kuala Lunpur is best but online only assistant is welcome from all over the world.

Employer | visual label AtelierO 

Position | part time motion graphic assistant
Skill Essential | After effect ,PREMIA pro
Skill (if possible) | cinema 4D,Touch designer

Term | based on project.(basically, spot contract. 3day to 1 month. A couple hour per day)

Fee | around 5 to 10 US dollar per hour.(it depends on the skill) 
Usually, each short project is around 50 to 300 dollar.

Payment | at the end of next month

Sometimes we have global brand client. Some project is interesting, some project is boreing.but I can promise it will support your career path to the global. I wish young talented and energetic person to join our exciting journey.
It's time to connect your talent!

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  1. O, if you are recruiting and want to find a guy who will make video mapping you should find someone who will make something like that -


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