(VJ)4th April Phonica@velours


velour is always hard to set up because, there are few place for hang projecters.
so,it can't adjust perfectly by projecter's keystones.
so I used dual head 2 go and GrandVJ for VJ miker.
the wirling was

Rolan V-4 ---twinpact100---GrandVJ---Dual head 2 GO

in this case, I used GrandVJ for adjust each projecter's horizontal,vertical and angles.

usually,DualHead2Go is use for making super large screen,but in this time, we used it for Projecter adjuster.
after all, the result was very good.
our all projection looked like one straight screen.

there leave a bit problems.
so,I'm thinking how to improvment this sysytem.
maybe,I'll bring Desktop for VJ.

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