what color today / green

the unexpected things are always happen.
so we need to be strong enough to overcome.

I like the weather of south east asia.
the strong squall and strong sun and emerald green ocean.
the power of earth are very strong in this area.
and it make me more sensitive about my inner heart.

life has unlimited choice.
the gate and border is only being inside the brain.
business is not the goal but just a tool.
after I visit this island, I always thinkikg the important is how I truly feeling.
even if it looks good position, if there is no fun, it's not a good life for me anymore.

thx to the my rage against the people around me in my teenager days, I got the career and skill in my hand.
all of the value what I have now  is based on my own creativity and network.

If I had satisfied with my mother country, probably I had lived in the more small world.

I had wished to live as the nomad.
Then, I became it.
the beachlife is the crown of my life.



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