cross culture | The 2 types of business culture --- Japanese company and global company

January is the month for preparing the recruiting.
Many company are making the recruiting video in this season.and we are making a lot of recruiting videos every year.
When I talk with client, I always feel there are the 2 type of business culture.

The global company is likely to use the phrase like "professional" "next step".
and they appeal to respecting the life style design of each person.

and many Japanese company want to use "Family","Friends","Company trip""many drinking events"
It's meaning "we will give you the life style".

Of course it depends on the culture of each company but I think roughly there are 2 type of business culture,"the life and company" or "the life through company".
I know both side has good point and difficult point but while we making the recruiting video, we need to focus on the one way of thinking.
It makes a bit tricky feeling inside the mind.
It feeling like making the Japanese food by the right hand and making the french food at the left hand.
actually it took a long time to learn but nowadays we are gradually learning the smooth mental switch inside brain.

one more thing.
Because we are the bilingual video production, sometimes this culture difference  make it difficult for the staffing.
usually, I assign non-in-the Japan system  cameraman (it's not meaning they are native or not.Important thing is whether  they are in the system or not) for the global company and assign in-the Japan system cameraman for the Japanese company.but sometimes we need to mix.

I think some part of our sense of beauty is common  in the whole world.
But some part are different.
It's a bit slight difference but in the field of video production, this slight change will be very important.
we are understanding how to change the direction based on the cultures step by step.
we are still in the progress but because of that, the cross culture project is interesting.







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