what color today / lunch time sun yellow

cultural anthropology is one of my roots.
when I was the student of university.

I studied why music can beyond the border of cultures.where is the border between the pre-born sense which is based on DNA and the after-born sense based on the education and environment.

of cousre It couldn't finish while the univresity so I decided to chose the job which will be the fieldwork of research.

we are living in the magic world but didn't recognize it as the magic just because it's always around us.

The world which is closed and static can't expand itself.
complition is the continuous moments of destroy and new born.
It's not a moment but it's a flow.

when I was the student of university, I wished my life as the energetic and memorable journey.and now I'm in the journey.
I love the all the people who gave me the impulse.





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